YOG Update

On Saturday Lucian competed in the -63Kg division of the Youth Olympic Games qualifiers.  Lucian won his first match but was injured during it.  In the second match against Poland he was beaten in a tight contest.

Lucian will fight again on 11th April (Wednesday) in the World Junior Championships also held in Tunisia.  Good luck again on the next part of the competition and, as always, we are all proud of you efforts.

Cale v Titan Friendly

We had a great day on Saturday 27th October at the centre.  Kids from Caledonian and Titan came together to take part in a beginner’s friendly competition.  There were 3 sections – board breaking, patterns and sparring.

The kids received a medal for participating in the event.  Those that competed from Caledonian were – Liburna, Aashvi Lisus, Jackson, Celia, Misha, Swastik, Sam, Mohammed, Ade, Lana, Emily and Ellie.

Well done everyone!

Sparring Team Training

Sparring Team Training is every Monday and Wednesday 7-9pm.  If you are interested in competitions then please come along.  Younger children can leave at 8pm due to the lateness of the finish.  If you would like more information speak to John Haggerty.