February Grading Results!

Congratulations to all the members that sat and passed their grading on Saturday 23rd February at the centre.    The successful candidates were –

Promoted to Yellow Belt: Jessica, Igor Kaniecki & Vivienne Lilly Hermence
Promoted to Green Tags: Emily Murray & Jack Conway
Promoted to Green Belt: Alistair Small
Promoted to Blue Tags: Lissus Pashko
Promoted to Blue Belt: Nikodem Trybus & Kian King
Promoted to Red Tags: Amelia Kadziolka & Robyn Bryson
Promoted to Red Belt: Mohammed Abudafair

GTA Dev Comp – Cumbernauld

Raw Taekwondo hosted the latest GTA event at their gym in Cumbernauld on Sunday 30th September.  We had 3 players enter – Paris, Tymon and Stephanie.  All of the athletes competed well.  Stephanie made the final of the patterns but missed out on her sparring matches.  Tymon made it to the final of the board breaking but was also beaten in his matches.  Paris was only competing in the sparring and won her match well.

Thanks also to Lauren and Lucian for helping out all day at the event.

Cale v Titan Friendly

We had a great day on Saturday 27th October at the centre.  Kids from Caledonian and Titan came together to take part in a beginner’s friendly competition.  There were 3 sections – board breaking, patterns and sparring.

The kids received a medal for participating in the event.  Those that competed from Caledonian were – Liburna, Aashvi Lisus, Jackson, Celia, Misha, Swastik, Sam, Mohammed, Ade, Lana, Emily and Ellie.

Well done everyone!