February Grading Results!

Congratulations to all the members that sat and passed their grading on Saturday 23rd February at the centre.    The successful candidates were –

Promoted to Yellow Belt: Jessica, Igor Kaniecki & Vivienne Lilly Hermence
Promoted to Green Tags: Emily Murray & Jack Conway
Promoted to Green Belt: Alistair Small
Promoted to Blue Tags: Lissus Pashko
Promoted to Blue Belt: Nikodem Trybus & Kian King
Promoted to Red Tags: Amelia Kadziolka & Robyn Bryson
Promoted to Red Belt: Mohammed Abudafair

October Newsletter Out Now

For all the latest info regarding classes, the October Break, grading results and Star Performers follow the link.

October 2018 newsletter


June’s Newsletter

Grading Results – May 2018

Well done to all the kids that sat and passed their grading on Saturday 19th May at the centre.  Below is a list of the successful participants –

Promoted to Yellow Tags:  Ali Small, Damian Kleszewski, Naomi Klesewska & Ahmed Hanan
Promoted to Green Tags:  Antoni Karski
Promoted to Blue Tags:  Ella-Angela Wallace & Ruby Dumbreck

May Bank Holiday Weekend

The centre will be closed on Monday 28th May for the bank holiday.  Please note there will be no ASD taekwondo or tots classes on Saturday 26th.  All classes and time will return to normal on Tuesday 29th May.

Cancelled Class

There will be no 4pm class on Friday 25th May.  5pm, 6pm and Barbell class will run as normal.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

New T-shirts In Stock

We have new sized small and medium youth T-shirts in stock.  They cost £10 each 

Black Belt Grading

The club will host it summer dan grading on Sunday 17th June at the centre.  We will have a seminar at 10am on the morning of the grading and the grading will begin at 1pm on that day.

The seminar is open to all red tags students and above is free of charge.  If you plan to sit your dan grade promotion within the next year then it would be a very good idea to attend.

Mobility Class

Our mobility class is every Thursday 630-730pm at the centre.  If you have a full gym membership or a parent’s gym membership then the class is free of charge.
Parents Gym

Any parent (or grandparent) can use our gym seven days per week and access our mobility and barbell classes for only £10 per month.  If you would like to take up the offer just let us know.

May Star Performer

Well done to Antoni who is this month’s star performer.  Well done and keep up the awesome work!

The Next Coloured Grading

Next Coloured Belt Grading

  • Saturday 16th June 2018, 1pm at Caledonian Taekwondo Centre

Please submit your grading form, fee and licence booklet the day before the grading. The grading syllabus can found at reception or on the websitehttp://www.caledoniantkd.com  All patterns are available to view online at the club’s You Tube page – search ‘caledTKD’

Refer a Friend

During the month of June if you refer a friend and they sign up we will give you a month’s training for free.  If you bring two friends we will give you two months for free, etc, etc…    Terms & conditions apply.

Netherton Community Centre Update

The community centre regeneration work is due to start in July 2018.  We will remain opened throughout this period.  If there is any change or update to the work scheduled we will let everyone know.