The process of training from beginner up to black belt takes several years and is the result of hard work and dedication on the part of each student. All those who practice Taekwondo follow five important tenets which form the backbone of all learning. These are:

Indomitable Spirit

Our Taekwondo classes are designed to take students through the syllabus at their own pace, whilst constantly challenging and teaching something new on each occasion. Each student will find their own strengths within the varied aspects of Taekwondo, and for that reason we offer different programmes.

For many, Poomse epitomise martial arts. They are the traditional sequences of moves designed to strengthen the body and teach the muscles the correct way to perform. Poomsae are an essential part of Taekwondo and every student’s progression through the martial art. More information on these can be found by clicking on the Poomse.

‘Taeguk Theory’ explains the ancient philosophy behind the Poomse, and has bearing on the way each Poomsae should be performed.

Self-defence is another important aspect of learning Taekwondo, and although the likelihood of being attacked in the street is small, knowing the simple methods of self-defence and escape that Taekwondo equips you with can be invaluable. More information on this aspect of our programme is also available on the right hand side of this page.

Childrens Coloured Belt Syllabus 

Adults Coloured Belt Syllabus

Poomse Videos – explanation and meanings

Terminology (Korean names of the movements, counting, etc…)

Belt Colours and their meanings