Update 11th March

Dear Members

Following the update from the Scottish Gov and sportscotland it has been confirmed that we will be allowed to start back training outdoors, albeit socially distanced and non contact for taekwondo practitioners. This has been brought forward and is a good indicator that we will return to indoor training within the gym at the end of April/beginning of May.

If you would like to take part in the outdoor sessions please then please book via our booking site – http://www.caledonianbookings.com

We still have taekwondo classes on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm via Zoom. This will allow us to continue with a blended coaching model. Not dissimilar to what is happening in our schools.

Once again thank you for your support over the past 12 months and we look forward to meeting person again soon.




Update 5th January 2021

Dear Members

Happy New Year to you and your family.  I am sure we are now all aware that there is a new lockdown with restrictions that go further than Level 4.  That means that the gym will remain closed until the City of Glasgow returns to level 3 restrictions.  With this in mind it is very likely that the gym will not reopen in February, although this is dependant on case numbers and the virus being brought under control.  This also means that we will no longer be able to run our bootcamps outside the gym on Sunday mornings.

We have frozen all payments until we reopen.  We are aware that some DD payments came out on the 24th.  This was due to the late announcement of restrictions close to the 24th.  If this happened to you please contact us and we will refund you that payment.

In the meantime we will be running more zoom classes and youtube videos.  The schedule will be –

Monday Taekwondo session,  6pm with Lucian

Wednesday Taekwondo session, 6pm with John Haggerty

Friday Fitness videos released by Stephen. 

To take part in the zoom sessions then please contact us for the meeting ID and password.  We may change the schedule to reflect the demand in each of the sessions.

We also plan on running an online grading on Saturday 23rd of January. Thank you for your continued support since early 2020.  Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


Update 21st December

Further to the Scottish Government’s announcement that all of mainland Scotland will enter Level 4, the centre will close as a result. Classes and the gym will continue as normal until Wednesday 23rd. We hope to reopen on the 18th January as per the government’s guidance. In the meantime all membership fees will be frozen again.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year and hope to see everyone as soon as possible.

Many thanks, John (21st December 2020)


Update 9th December

We will be returning at 6pm on Friday 11th December. All direct debits have been frozen, and they will not restart until 20th December. We have included another week to cover 3 days at Christmas and 3 days at the new year that we are closed.

The Christmas period of closure will be 24th, 25th & 26th December
Open as normal 27th, 28th 29th & 30th with taekwondo classes on!
New Year closure 31st, 1st & 2nd

Normally we would hold a kids Christmas party but this year it will not be possible due to restrictions. For the first time ever, we are running taekwondo classes in the week between Christmas and Hogmanay.

If you would like to discuss anything you can get in touch with us via our website – http://www.caledoniantkd.com, email – info@caledoniantkd.com or via one of our social media platforms – Facebook or Instagram.

As always, thank you for your continued patience and support throughout the year.



Update 17th November

Due to the latest Scottish Government’s announcement yesterday (17/11/20) regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Glasgow has been placed into Tier 4. That means, effective on Friday 20th November at 6pm, the centre will need to close. The closure is scheduled to last for 3 weeks and we are due to reopen on 11th December. We hope by temporarily closing businesses like ours in greater Glasgow that the number of cases reduces and that the threat posed by the virus can be mitigated. All direct debits have been frozen for this time and will continue to be if the lockdown period is extended. We hope to offer some online classes (and possibly more) during lockdown. We will post details soon. Once again, thank you to everyone for their continued support throughout 2020.



Update 6th October –

Late on yesterday (Monday 5th) we found out that the complex (community centre & taekwondo centre) had failed the water test. The water needs to be cleaned out again chemically, extensive flushing of the system and the water test to be retaken. This will delay our opening further. That means we will not be open this week.

Due to this we are going to hold some classes in the Hall (the building opposite from the gym) until we are allowed back in – Wednesdays (tomorrow included)

5-5.45pm for green tags and below.

6-7pm for green belts and above. Saturday morning 9-30am-10.15am for green tags and below and 10.30-11.30am from green belts and above.

There will be a strict limit on the number of spaces available and you will need to book in advance prior to the class. Bookings for the class will be via the our booking system – http://www.caledonianbookings.com

We hope you understand that this process is outwith our control and is for everyone’s safety.

Update 1st October – Planned Reopening Date

Hi Everyone, we had planned to be open by Saturday, 3rd October but this is looking unlikely now. System checks on the building have needed to be done by Glasgow Life as the building has been out of use since March. The last test to be carried out is the water test, which has been done already this week. Unfortunately this can take 3 to 4 working days (although a request for it to be prioritised has been made) it looks like it will be next week before we open. We can’t speed this process further and it is for the safety of everyone. And because of this we have not put the booking system up. We are working tirelessly to get the building open. If we get the news before the end of Friday we will move ahead with the classes on Saturday and we will publish via the usual methods. Thanks for your continued understanding, John


Update 24th September

Dear Members

Awesome news!  We have been given the green light by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life to reopen the building.  We are planning on opening the doors on Saturday 3rd October to allow for the final systems checks on the building next week.  As you would expect there will significant changes when we reopen.  Please see a list of the main ones below –

  • Book in advance – strictly no drop ins.  This is a key area of our track and trace records and is crucial to meet our public health obligations.
  • Dropping off children inside the building will need parents to sign in as well as book their child’s class via the website.  Parents will also need to wear a mask when entering the building.    Please note – you won’t need to do this if the child enters the building on their own.
  • New timetable with extra classes but revised times – click on the link here.
  • No waiting area, changing rooms or lockers.
  • Entry to the building is allowed 5 minutes in advance of classes and people must leave within 5 minutes of their class finishing.
  • Access and entry to the building will be via different routes.
  • One way systems in operation.
  • Increased cleaning procedures by staff.
  • Increased hand sanitiser stations for everyone.
  • Controlled access to the building.

In addition the gym/fitness suite will not open in Phase 1.  The safety of everyone is the priority and the potential for the spread in the gym area due to the arrangement of the machines and the number of contact points means it is currently a higher risk area.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to resolve this issue.

A lot of the measures we have put in place are things that we are all used to now, but may seem strange at the gym.    

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  If you would like any further information please email us on info@caledoniantkd.com or via one of our social media platforms.




Update 30th August

Dear members 

As you may be aware the Scottish government has allowed gyms to reopen from the 31st of August. However, we also need to abide by the rules of Glasgow Life and Glasgow City Council. The council is taking a very cautious approach to reopening of facilities in the city. They have limited the number of buildings that are being allowed to open. Unfortunately, Netherton Community Centre is not part of the first phase. As we are considered part of the community centre we have had to make a further additional application with Glasgow Life to the council, explaining that our building is unique in that it is self-contained. 

We had hoped to have some good news by this weekend, but we still do not have a definitive date yet. In the background we continue to work towards reopening.  Glasgow Life and the club have been in constant communication and series of tests of the building’s services will start this week to allow us to be ready to open when approval is given.  

In the meantime, the club’s coaches have all undergone a covid training course delivered by sportscotland and we have developed a re activation of sport plan for the building. 

One of the key points of this is prebooking classes.  This will be done via our website to limit the number of people in the building and to meet our test and trace obligations. This will be done using software from Ashbourne management company who currently provide 95% of our DD collections. We previously used Harlands, and a small number of our members were still on this system.  We have now cancelled all collections by that company so we can move onto a uniform pre booking system provided by Ashborne. 

We will announce more information as soon as we have it and we are optimistic that we will be able to open again during September. 

We will continue to hold our outdoor taekwondo classes on Saturday mornings and zoom classes on Monday and Thursday.  Please check our website and social media post for updates regarding outdoor fitness classes.   

Thank you for your continued support throughout this period.  If you would like any further information regarding your membership please email on info@caledoniantkd.com or via one of our social media platforms. 



Update 31st July

Hi everyone,

The Scottish gov have published new guidelines for the reopening of gyms. Previously we believed that August would be the expected period we would be working to. Earlier this week we were told that GCC (our landlord) were working to a time frame of October. We are not sure if the new information from the Scottish government will lead to a review but we will let you know as soon as possible. Everyone’s well being is our priority through this difficult time. Thank you for your continued patience.




Dear Members

The country continues to come out of lockdown and we have now entered stage 3 of the Scottish Government’s plan.  This stage has a stated minimum opening dates for gyms as “not before 31st July”.  However, this does not necessarily mean gyms will be allowed to open on the 1st August (our 16th Birthday).  Indications seem to be that it will be the middle of August  before they reopen.  With this in mind we are hopeful that we will be able to reopen next month.

The process of reopening has a an added level of complication for us.  As tenants of Glasgow Life and Glasgow City Council we need to make an application to reopen.  This could potentially delay our start back date, but we are hopeful it will not. 

When we do reopen there will obviously be measures in place for everyone’s safety and well being.  We will let everyone know what they are prior to reopening and they will be dependant on the guidelines issued at that time. 

In the meantime we have taekwondo classes on Zoom with Lucian (Monday & Thursday), yoga with Keera on Wednesday via Zoom and mini exercise sessions on social media from Stephen. 

We thank everyone for their support over the past few months and look forward to seeing everyone soon.  If you would like to discuss anything, including attending the zoom session, please contact us on info@caledoniantkd.com or via one of our social media platforms.

Many thanks



Dear Member

We hope you are well and that covid-19 has not affected you or your family.  

As a gym, under government instruction we must remained closed throughout the lockdown period in order to minimise the spread of the virus. We have no real information in regards to how long the lockdown will remain in place, but will keep you up to date as best we can.   In the meantime we have been busy attempting to make sure that we are able to reopen as soon as is permissible.

To mitigate for the closure we have applied for government grants, business loans, business insurance interruption and furloughed our staff.  Unfortunately, due to strict criteria in some areas and long delays in others, we have had no financial support as yet.  Please be assured we are working hard to make sure the centre will reopen.

We would like to give further thanks to all of our members for your continued support.  We have had lovely emails and messages on social media and some great photos and videos of our students practising at home!  All of this has really kept us going and spirits up!

In particular, we very much appreciate the support those of you who have been able to continue with their membership during this period.  We understand that many people are under financial strain due to the lockdown and that some members will have to reduce their outgoings, if this applies to you and you have not been in touch with us yet, please do so and we will arrange to freeze your direct debit for as long as necessary.

We will continue to keep you all informed with further emails, on the website and via social media and would be glad to hear your news and how the kids are all getting on at home.  If there is anything we can do to support you please let us know.

Many thanks



Dear Members,

We are all experiencing an unprecedented time due to the COVID 19/Coronavirus situation.  The gym has closed it’s doors following instruction from Glasgow City Council and in line with Government guidelines. 

For the time being we are unable to provide the services we have continuously offered for the past 16 years.  We are aware that some members have just paid memberships for this month and some are due to pay shortly.   We would like to thank many of you who have shown support by contacting us and indicating that you would like your membership fee to continue.  This is much appreciated and will support us in reopening the gym as soon as it is permissible. We will be offering everyone a credit note to the amount they have paid from the 17th March onwards that will be redeemable over the next 12 months. 

We fully understand that in these unusual times, this will not be possible for everyone.  If you would like to cancel your DD then please contact us on our email info@caledoniantkd.com and we will suspend your membership for as long as necessary.  We will still be monitoring our Facebook and Instagram pages too, so you are also welcome to get in touch on messenger and private message.

We plan to review the situation again before the 17th April and will update you then.

In the meantime the gym is seeking a grant and loans from the Scottish Government to make sure we can reopen our doors and staff receive sick pay during this period. 

Many thanks for all the supportive messages and we look forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible.  We hope you all stay safe and healthy.