December 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to this month’s newsletter.  December is here which means we will be having our annual end of year party and black belt grading.  All the info for the next month can be found here plus details of our last classes of the year.  

Black Belt & Coloured Belt Grading Weekend 

The weekend of 16th & 17th December sees our members grade for coloured and black belts. 

The coloured belt grading (Kup) is on Saturday 16th December at 1pm. 

The black belt grading (Dan) will be on Sunday 17th December at 1pm. 

Prior to the Dan Grading there will be a seminar that is open to everyone that is red tags and above – 10am onwards.  Anyone wishing to become dan grade in the next year is strongly encouraged to attend.  The seminar is free to attend.  Forms for the gradings can be obtained from your instructor. 

Sparring Class 

If you are interested in competition then we have team training classes on Monday and Wednesday, 7-9pm.  On Wednesday we do full contact sparring. 

Star Performer 


This month’s Star Performer was Jamie.  A great effort! 

Our Next Competition

The next competition for the club will be on Sunday 21st December at the centre.  There will be patterns, board Breaking and sparring.  The event cost £15 to enter and covers all three divisions. 

Grading Results – November 2017 

Well done to all the kids that sat and passed their grading on Saturday 18th November at the centre.  Below is a list of the successful participants.   

Promoted to Yellow Tags: Adam Belarbi & Adrian Remiszewski
Promoted to Yellow Belt: Lisus Pashko, Campbell Murray & Chloe Barrett
Promoted to Green Tags: Mohammed Abudafair, Samuel Rough, Jun Jie Chen, Saavin Saggu & Emily Rose Lowther
Promoted to Black Tags: Jamie Small & Stephanie Baird 

Last Orders 

Monday 18th December will the last time we can put in any orders that are not held in stock.  If you would like any T-shirts ordered please let us know well in advance. 

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours 

There will be no taekwondo classes over the Christmas period.  The last taekwondo class will be on Thursday 21st December with the Kid’s Christmas Party on Friday 22nd and the first class back will be on Friday 5th January 2018.  Please note the following gym hours over the Christmas period – 

  • 25th closed 
  • 26th closed 
  • 27th 10am-4pm 
  • 28th 10am-4pm 
  • 29th 10am-4pm 
  • 30th 10am-4pm 
  • 31st 10am-4pm 
  • 1st closed 
  • 2nd closed 
  • 3rd January as (9am-5pm) 
  • 4th January as (9am-5pm) 
  • 5th January as normal 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2018. 

Kid’s Christmas Party 

The party will be on Friday 22nd December at the centre.  We will have two parties this year – one for the younger and one for the older children. 

The party for the 4pm and Totkwondo classes will be 3.30 – 4.30pm.  The children that attend the 5 & 6pm classes can attend at 5-7pm.  There will be bouncy castle plus some surprises.   

Parents Gym 

Mums and Dads can join the gym for free in December.  Just let us know and we will amend your DD to come into effect in January. We will also throw in a free gym induction. 

Renovation of the Netherton Community Centre 

The community centre will undergo a massive renovation in 2018.  That means extensive work will be carried out over a period of several months.  We have been told that our taekwondo centre will not be affected by the changes and there will be no periods we are closed.  However, it may mean that some work will be carried out during this period and we apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused.  We will keep everyone up to date as and when we find out. 

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