Korean Exchange Programme

Each year Caledonian Taekwondo Community Fund runs a sporting and cultural exchange programme with Pung Saeng High School, Seongnam South Korea. The programme commemorates the life of Lee Sung lee, a young Pung Saeng student who tragically died of cancer aged just 16.  Each year we remember his life and times. We pay tribute to the martial art that meant so much to Lee Sung Lee and too so many worldwide. In 2002, prior to his passing, Lee Sung lee provided his home for 6 weeks to members of the Caledonian Team. The following year he was supposed to stay with members of Caledonian Taekwondo for 6 weeks, the programme is now an annual tribute.

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2010 Programme

2009 Programme


2008 Programme    

2007 Programme

There are many ways that we raise money for the programme; fundraising activities like the Cobbler 2010 and through kind donations and support multinational companies, local entrepreneurs and centres of Academic excellence.



Glasgow Caledonian University Scholarship Programme

The Lee Sung Lee Academic Scholarship is a three-year program organised and supported by Caledonian University Public Policy Department. One promising youngster is given financial support, raised by the third year placement students at Fortis Lease, to attend the exchange programme for three years. This student is also directed on a three-year program of study, in consultation with their High School, that will result in their future enrollment at Caledonian University. Through education and sport it is hoped that this international exchange programme will inspire the local community to see the value of academic and sporting excellence.